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Healthy Meals by Alyse offers healthy, creatively prepared meals that are affordable and conveniently delivered to your door.

Our meals are based on the principle of creating food that fuels and sustains a healthy metabolism by using clean and balanced ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

Meals are designed to offer lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, fresh vegetables, fresh greens and whole grain rice or pasta.

  Vegetarian Entree option available daily

Healthy Meals by Alyse is real food made healthy. We use traditional recipes and make them healthy by creatively utilizing ingredients that help your body function best while pleasing and satisfying the palate.
Prepared fresh daily Lean Proteins Fresh vegetables and greens Low glycemic  @500-600 Calories per meal Corporate and group discounts Microwaveable, environmentally friendly containers Ask us about our complmentary office and group menu tastings
Gift Certificates Available

New Minimum Order and Delivery Schedule

New Delivery Schedule:  Meals Are Delivered 3 days a week on Mon, Wed. & Thurs.


Mon & Tue Meals - Delivered on Monday

Wed &Thurs. Meals- Delivered on Wednesday
Fri. Meals- Delivered on Thursday

Minimum Order
:  5 Meal Minimum (M-F or a combination of days for a total of 5 meals per week)    All Meals Are Delivered Between 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Please Order by Thursday for the Following Week Delivery

Coming Soon ~ Weekend Meals!

Menu April 20 - April 24

*May Substitute Grilled Chicken for any Entrée*
$12.98 ea ~ $64.90 wk

 Monday , April 20

 Entrée Choices:

1.    Chicken Roulade with Light Lemon Semolina Stuffing

2.    Mahi-Mahi with a Light Lemon & Herb Semolina Stuffing

3.    Vegetarian & Semolina Cake  


Side: Spinach Salad with Citrus Dressing

Side: Plantains & Sweet Potato Hash

Side: Green Beans 


TUESDAY, April 21

Entrée Choices:

1.  Turkey Meat Loaf

2.  Beef Tips with Peppers and Onions

3.  Vegetarian Tofu Loaf 


Side: Cauliflower Mash

Side: Green Salad

Side: Seasonal Vegetable



Entrée Choices:

1. Caribbean Fish Cake Bay with Codfish Scallop & Shrimp

2.  Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

3.  Caribbean Vegetable Cake with Pineapple Salsa



Side: Coconut Rice and Red Beans

Side: Roasted Vegetables

Side: Garden Salad

THURSDAY, April 23

Entrée Choices:

Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Lemon Celery

2. Grass Fed Organic Vaca Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

3.  Parmesan Crusted Tofu with Lemon Celery   


Side: Garden Salad

Side: Seasonal Vegetable Medley, Couscous & Garbanzo Beans

Dessert: Healthy Oat Meal Cookie


FRIDAY, April 24

Entrée Choices:

 Massaman Red Curry with Chicken and Vegetables

2.  Hoisin Steak Grilled Organic Grass Fed Beef brushed with a light house Made  Hoisin Sauce- Made with Dates and Chinese Spice

3.  Vegetable Massaman Red Curry with Tofu



Side: Brown Rice

Side: Asian Style Cole Slaw

Side: Wok seared Vegetables






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